Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mosaic tiles can be so simple

If you've ever considered mosaic tiles but have been put off, thinking that they'll be too fiddly or just too expensive for your budget, then it's time to think again. Mosaic tiles are very reasonably priced these days, comparable to most other types of tiles, and they are also very easy to fit. They even have some advantages over other larger tiles as they are much easier to fit around pipework and your bathroom fixtures and fittings as you can simply trim off some of the small tiles rather than having to go to the trouble of cutting porcelain tiles to size which can be tricky, and you can easily make mistakes, meaning that you waste tiles, which is especially infuriating if they're very expensive tiles! This ability to trim the sheet of tiles easily also makes the job far simpler when it comes to completing a wall of tiles. With standard sized tiles, if you find that your tiles exactly fit your wall without having a gap of a fraction of a tile then you're very lucky. With mosaic tiles being so much taller, the chances of being able to fit them exactly from wall to wall without having to cut any individual tiles is much greater. Mosaic tiles are usually supplied in sheets, with several tiles attached to a fabric backing. This backing is easily cut with a good pair of scissors. Because they are already attached to the sheet, you also have no need to worry about spacing your tiles. If you've ever laid tiles before, you will know that even with careful use of tile spacers, it can be difficult to get them all lined up the same with the same sized gap between each tile. When the job is complete you may well spot a tile that has moved slightly and become misaligned, this can be very annoying! With mosaic tiles, you only have to line up each sheet, rather than each individual tile.

Mosaic tiles also look stunning, they give a far more interesting and attractive finish that standard sized tiles. There's also a huge array of colours, textures and materials to choose from. If you have a small dull cloakroom, it's the perfect way to liven it up. Many of us now have an extra bathroom, under the stairs or in a converted cupboard. A small space with no natural light, adding mosaic tiles can make this room a feature. Choose reflective metallic or glass tiles and you'll also make the room feel larger. Add a border in a contrasting colour, or dot different coloured tiles at random and you can create something that is unique and reflects your personality. Mosaic tiles work well in any size bathroom and it won't take you any longer to fit them than it would standard sized tiles. Mosaic tiles are so versatile.

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