Friday, 28 September 2012

Avoiding an interior design disaster

There are so many home makeover shows on television these days that it's easy to think that anyone can become an interior designer. Of course anyone can design a room, but whether it looks good and stands the test of time is another matter entirely. Unless you've got money to burn and plenty of time on your hands, or are addicted to decorating, your design is going to need to last for quite some time. If it looks dated within the year, it's going to be hard to live with.

Do put plenty of thought into your design. Consider the size and shape of the room when you're thinking about ideas. You may love dark walls, but in a small room this can often make the room feel small and cramped.

The more in fashion a particular style is, the more likely it is to looked out of fashion and dated. If you want a design that will stand the test of time, pick something classic and timeless. Remember the other fashions that have come and gone over the years. No one now would still want to have a rag rolled walled with a stencilled border!

Minimalistic design can look good, but remember that a lack of soft furnishings will make a room echo and be noisy. If you love hardwood floors, but have children or noisy dogs, you may well want to get some rugs. It really will help to absorb the noise.

Always measure furniture before you buy it. Generally furniture looks much smaller in a large showroom and then seems huge when you get it into your home. Measure it, then mark out the space it will take up in your home.

Loud designs and bright colours need extra thought. Will you really be happy with it in years to come. You need to think long and hard about it, especially if it would be time consuming or  expensive to replace it at a later date. If you're considering bright patterned bathroom wall tiles, or a feature wall with pink flamingos on, don't rush into it!

Don't use too many colours. Picking two contrasting or complementary colours, or a few shades of the same colour will work well. Using several colours all at once can be too much, too garish. Also don't go for too many patterns. If you love florals then use them wisely. A floral wall would be fine, but teamed with a floral carpet and a floral sofa the effect will be overwhelming. Of course this same concept can be applied to other patterns such as stripes.

You should also give some thought to your lighting. Lighting can make all the difference. Too bright and your room can seem stark and clinical. Add some lamps and you'll have a much more relaxing room. Pick a coloured bulb to create a totally different effect, or invest in one of the many colour changing lights available that cycle gently through an array of colours giving the room a different feel periodically. 

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Shopping for Porcelain Tiles

Are you looking to re-tile your space? Perhaps you are anxious to pull up that old carpet and lay now something fresh and modern.  If so, it’s time for a shopping trip! Finding porcelain tile to complete your space is never an easy task with so many options available. Use the tips listed below when shopping for porcelain tiles.  

 Why porcelain?   

Porcelain is versatile and can be used in virtually any room in your home.  With countless patterns to choose from, you are sure to find a porcelain tile to meet your taste and requirements for your space. Porcelain is easy to clean and maintain and has an extremely low rate of absorption when it comes to water which makes it a popular choice among home owners.

Choose a mid-grade porcelain tile

Porcelain tile can vary by price.  Higher priced porcelain will cost you more.  As with most things, the cheapest tile may not always be the best option. Choose a mid-priced, mid-grade porcelain job to ensure that you have a quality porcelain tile without going over budget. 

Shop at stores that have people who can guide you in the decision making process  

Choosing the right porcelain tile can be a head ache. Shop at specialty stores that have experts who can help you make the decision.  They can help you choose a tile based on the application and space that you want to put it in and also show you tile that is in your price range.  They will also have flooring samples that you can bring back to your home before you make your final purchase.  Give yourself some time to think before you make your final decision as to what tile will work for your space.

Know the product

While experts can guide you in choosing the right option for your space, you still want to know the product.  Know the reason you are choosing porcelain over other options such as ceramic.  Have at least some knowledge of basic installation so that you can be thoroughly prepared when it comes time

Use the tips above to help you while on your shopping trip for porcelain tile. Porcelain is a great option when it comes to finding the perfect material to spruce up your space.  This easy to clean flooring material can work great in any room in your home.  You will not be disappointed with your purchase once your find the perfect tile for your space.  

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tile Tips For Every Room In Your Home

Home is where the heart is but shouldn't it be a warm and magical experience for the eye as well? Tile applications can add charm, warmth and elegance to just about every space. There is something wonderful about a rustic room design that includes colorful and interesting tile designs. Creative home owners will find many ways to bring the inexpensive sophistication of tile creations to their home.

For those rooms that do not make wall treatments feasible, the crafty home owner can incorporate tiles into a hardwood floor design, planter boxes, photo treatments, table tops and a variety of other interesting possibilities. These types of tile enhancements are best created using tiles that contain interesting designs, patterns that are pleasing to the eye and bright colors that make the viewer feel. With just a little bit of work tile can become a part of your day to day life. 

Tile creations are both inexpensive and durable, providing weather proof and moisture resistant surfaces. Pool bottoms, showers, and bathroom stalls can be made using tiles that bring the elegance and beauty of the space up above the ordinary. Though tiles can also be used for practical applications and as simple flooring and walls in bathrooms and kitchens, it is capable of so much more.

The modern manufactured tiles are extremely long lasting and offer a variety of styles, sizes and colors that are sure to be budget friendly. Those looking for something different and special may want to look at using recovered antique tiles to give your look that extra special touch. Yard fountains are well served with the usage of just a few special tiles to provide elegance and decorator accents.

With a material as diverse as tiles, with sizes and colors to fit any home, the possibilities are endless. Take a look around and appreciate the variety of natural tones, gemstone colors, metallic finishes and other unique styles offered by modern tile sellers. Some products are special order and may require some time to produce, so if you intend to do something special to your home using tile, it is a good idea to plan ahead and purchase all of your product at the same time. 

Tiles can be found in a variety of local hardware stores, and construction supply warehouses. When you can't find what you want locally, it is possible to find a variety of options online. Tiles are very heavy so look for free shipping or be prepared to pay for the weight of your package. For those who have not looked at the many available options before, taking on a decorating project using tile can be a pleasantly surprising experience.

The home and yard provide endless opportunities for the creative use of tile. The use of tile outside of the normal in carefully planned and thought out ways can be a highly effective tool for making your home and garden become designer spaces well worth sharing with your friends. Tile invites a variety of opportunities for craftiness and creativity. 

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